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The Fire Within
Feburary 21, 2019

In the Northern Hemisphere this is the time of reflection and appreciation as we anticipate the return of the Sun. A fine example of the change cycle, that in order for things to return and strengthen, they must also leave and weaken.

All around the planet this is a time of reflection as we close off another year and make our outlines for next years possibilities, goals, expectations, and mindful engagements.

It's a time to let friends and loved ones know you appreciate them and value their presence in your life. A time to focus, not on the frenzy of acquiring things, but on valuing the gifts offered by both the immense beauty of life and its struggles.

Use this time to remember to be kind to yourself, which is where true kindness begins.

All my best hopes to you.

"Never give up! Never Surrender!" - Commander Peter Quincy Taggart

music highlight

Rainier Fog
Alice In Chains

On August 24 Alice In Chains release their 6th studio album, Rainier Fog.

A bit darker than the last couple records. It hits all of what a person could want in an Alice in Chains album!

A stronger Northwest darkness runs through the entire album with the appropriate rock and roll anger and frustration, but the album carries a reflective perspective and never seems hopeless.

You know it's a great album when each song suddenly feels like you're favorite and this album delivers exactly that.

An extra cool tidbit is Cantrell convincing Chris Degarmo of Queensryche,and one of my favorite musicians, to play a bit of acoustic guitar on "Drone".

technology highlight

Commodore PET 2001 Series

The Commodore PET 2001 was the first personal computer that I was lucky to use. There was a separate small room at the back of my 7th grade math classroom that was the home to 2 or 3 PETs.

The Commodore PET (Personal Electronic Transactor) aesthetic still makes me excited about the future! What is this personal computing future and how might computers be used? I chuckle when I see the chiclet keyboard. Take that ergonomics!

In those days of 1981, my 3 contenders for coolest computers were (in no particular order): Commodore PET 2001, Tandy Radioshack TRS-80 Model II, Apple II+.

To me it's a great reminder to not take the technology that powers life for granted and to hold on to the unforseeable possibilities that the future holds.

Read about the Commodore PET on Wikipedia.

There are many clips of the Commodore PET on Youtube.

gaming highlight


In 2016 Hemisphere Games, maker of the incredible Osmos computer game, manifested their awesomeness into the card game, Karmaka.

In Karmaka you attempt to work your way up the Karmic Ladder. You do so by either playing cards as deeds or as actions. Successfully reaching deed totals allow a move up the Karmic Ladder on your next rebirth. Playing cards as actions improve your hand, or impede your opponent. Cards played as actions have the option to be taken into your opponent's future hand to be used during their next reincarnation. Carefully consider your actions and timing, for they will come back at you.

Karmaka, an instant favorite!