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March 26, 2018

Season of flowers begins.

Last year I took daily watering as a task. I took to calling the plants my "flower friends". It's the time of year when some are beginning to emerge and one result is a smile on my face.

Seeing plants awaken and grow after Winter has passed is a wonderful thing. The colors and energy remind me to do the same. Inner reflection and hibernation are replaced with action and getting out.

And yes, focus can be an issue with all the energy bouncing around, but a nudge here and there typically lets a person point that energy on a generally positive course.

If my Spring Madness occasionally shows please remember that nature notches up the desire to fight, flee, or frolic. I'll do my best to keep each in check, but can't guarantee they won't occasionally show.


music highlight

Judas Priest

On March 9th Judas Priest release their 18th studio album, Firepower.

My concise review? It's timeless Heavy Metal goodness.

The Judas Priest spirit and attitude lives on. Firepower's playing, singing, lyrics, and production will sit proudly next to its ancestors.

Track 6, Childrean of the Sun, immediately hooked me with its lyrics and anthem nature.

A mighty Metal goblet raised high!!

technology highlight


In 1959 DEC designed the PDP-1 and in 1961 gave one to MIT.

This action by DEC is pointed to as a landmark in promoting a mindset of play and exploration with computing technology, ultimately creating the computer hacking mindset. This mindset moved computing away from primarily being clerical maintenance and utilization of calculating machines. This new mindset caused strong ripples that led to home computing and most of the implementations of technology that we have today.

Read about the DEC PDP-1 on Wikipedia.

There are many clips of the DEC PDP-1 on Youtube, many from the restored one a the Computer History Museum.

gaming highlight


In 2016 Hemisphere Games, maker of the incredible Osmos computer game, manifested their awesomeness into the card game, Karmaka.

In Karmaka you attempt to work your way up the Karmic Ladder. You do so by either playing cards as deeds or as actions. Successfully reaching deed totals allow a move up the Karmic Ladder on your next rebirth. Playing cards as actions improve your hand, or impede your opponent. Cards played as actions have the option to be taken into your opponent's future hand to be used during their next reincarnation. Carefully consider your actions and timing, for they will come back at you.

Karmaka, an instant favorite!