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Fall leaves in water

October 22, 2019

Without context all things require a WAG, relying on individual perspective and experience to form an assumption.

Look at the photo to the right. Without knowing the location and direction of the photo it's hard to know if it is a sunrise or a sunset. Once the location is given, Many Parks Curve Overlook in Rocky Mountain National Park, those familiar with it will probably know which it is. Definitely soon as the direction the photo was taken, walking east from upper larger parking lot, it's obvious.

Disconnected moments without context are relatively meaningless beyond observing an observer's existing beliefs, biases, and perspectives. If the goal is to glimpse into those things, great. If the goal is to get an accurate understanding of what is seen? Not so much.

Context matters.

music highlight

Killswitch Engage

In August, 2019 Killswitch Engage released their 8th studio album, Atonement.

Immediately engaging with each song being a strong contender for "this is my favorite". A strong collection of songs with variety of speed, heaviness, clean and distorted vocals, and plenty of grooves and head whipping break downs to satisfy.

I've been lucky to see them twice in concert. Always a fun show and they are good old school performers that understand I've come to watch the band play their songs. Just beware that if you want close to the stage, in an open floor access event, you may be sucked into a mosh pit or end up in the front of a Wall of Death.

technology highlight

Commodore PET 2001 Series

The Commodore PET 2001 was the first personal computer that I was lucky to use. There was a separate small room at the back of my 7th grade math classroom that was the home to 2 or 3 PETs.

The Commodore PET (Personal Electronic Transactor) aesthetic still makes me excited about the future! What is this personal computing future and how might computers be used? I chuckle when I see the chiclet keyboard. Take that ergonomics!

In those days of 1981, my 3 contenders for coolest computers were (in no particular order): Commodore PET 2001, Tandy Radioshack TRS-80 Model II, Apple II+.

To me it's a great reminder to not take the technology that powers life for granted and to hold on to the unforseeable possibilities that the future holds.

Read about the Commodore PET on Wikipedia.

There are many clips of the Commodore PET on Youtube.

gaming highlight


Released in 2013 by Steve Jackson Games , Castellan is a game where a small hand of cards is used to form enclosures and claim them for points based on the number of towers surrounding the enclosure.

It plays easily yet offers enough management depth and tactical choices to allow a broad spectrum of players to enjoy together.

Evreryone I've introduced it to have enjoyed it. Games play quickly, even with people who suffer analysis paralysis. Having the variablity of random card draws help lessen overthinking and makes it heavier on reacting to the shifting opportunities.

I highly recommend it for a pleasant social gaming session. Each two color set accomodates 2 player and can be combined for a 4 player game.

Check it out on BoardGameGeek.